Would you like to refresh the spirit of the place where you live or have a piece of Paris in your home? Is your dream to travel but the journey always has to be waited for? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for your Francophile friend? Then you are at the right place.

Tubidu Graphics is more than a Fine Art gift shop. Here you can find exciting Art prints and paper goods that decorate your room and are great additions to your everyday life, but you also can find vibration, beauty, treasures, never captured lights and colorful travel and adventure dreams. By means of my artworks, you can see the world through the eyes of a color and travel enthusiast and I would be happy to bring my vibrant world to your home. Whether it's a postcard or a Fine Art Print I know you'll find something here that gives you energy and inspiration every single day.



I was born in the late 70’s, in a world when life was much slower and tranquil than now. There was no internet or mobile phone and we were watching the news on the television in black and white. One day I was sitting in front of the tv with my mother and we were watching an old film in it. Suddenly, I asked my mother: "Mum, why that lady in the tv wears a red dress?" My mother just looked at me thoughtfully and said: "there is nothing red in the tv honey, this is a black and white broadcast…"  This is how my relationship with the colors started: I realized that my imagination is much wider than I had thought and I can see colors everywhere even if they seem not to be there at first sight.

Established in 2011 in Paris, France, Tubidu Graphics is a graphic design and illustration studio, currently located in Germany. The studio was born by coincidence; just when I thought I would use my studies of art and architecture along with my seven years of experience in interior design in the field of architecture my career took a different turn. Even though I found great pleasure in architecture and design, I always found graphic design most pleasurable and I was the happiest when I could draw by hand following freely my ideas. I moved to Paris in 2010, and that’s where I found the inspiration and took the first steps pursuing my dream.

I have been interested in buildings since my childhood; they magnetized me, especially those that have aged with time, which had a history. I imagined stories behind the facades, and I felt they told me stories. Most of my drawings show an existing building but with drab colors transferring the visitor this way from reality to my reality.

I think that my strongest motivation is to enjoy creating the given artwork without controlling the process. When a drawing takes on its own life, a dream comes true and when my emotions and energies are reflected in the painting, I'm most satisfied with the final result.