Copyright 2011 - 2019 © Tubidu Graphics.


Artist retains all applicable rights and copyrights, the sale does not reflect the transfer of copyright. All artwork is the property of the artist and may not be reproduced, resold and duplicated. All my artworks are for personal use. 


Tubidu Graphics Customer Agreement:
Please do not share my prints/digital images - they cannot be resold, copied, or transferred to anyone else.

You may:
- use the images for personal (non-commercial) purpose 
- use the images to create handmade item for personal use 
- use the images for personal (non-commercial) web-design purposes 

You may NOT: 

- resell the digital file / use the file for commercial web-design purposes 
- use the images to create digital art you want to sell 
copy the images to create digital art you want to sell 
- share this digital file at any social networks or picture hosting sites 
- transfer the digital file to anyone else
- give away the digital file or parts of it 
- resell the digital/printed pages or parts of them 
- use the digital/printed images to create handmade items you want to sell. 
- print the digital/printed images on mass-produced products and sell them 
- resell the digital/ printed images or parts of it printed on mass-produced products like cards, t-shirts, books... 
- modify (in size, color, scale) the digital images and sell them