Established in 2011 in Paris, France, Tubidu Graphics is a graphic design and illustration studio, currently located in Germany. The founder, Brigitta Racz, graduated in as an architect from the University of West Hungary in 2005 and spent eight years working as an interior designer in Budapest and in Paris. Tubidu Graphics was born in 2011 with the idea to combine the artist's background in architecture with her passion for drawing and art. Her latest works of art are renowned for their colorful illustrations focusing on Paris. 


All products are proudly crafted in Europe with the highest quality materials and papers. 







I was 16 years old when I started to learn drawing formally, and two years later I went to the college to study drawing and visual communication. I also studied painting, photography and sculpture in a complex way. After college, I studied architecture and interior design for 5 years and graduated  in  architecture in 2005. I had been working as interior architect for some years and participated in projects like planning Hotels, Offices, Commercial areas, Banks, and Individual areas.



I was having the chance to live and work in the lovely city of Paris for five years. This is a beautiful city with full of energy and inspired me strongly in my work.
I love experimenting with depicting light and, for some reason, I love drawing windows. I get lots of inspiration from architecture, I simply love drawing detailed facades. The architecture of Paris is really beautiful, so I really had an easy time finding some new inspiration or theme. Over the years I took thousands of photos about the beautiful parisian facades and their small details.



I love various kinds of themes: serious, emotional, surreal and architectural themes all inspire me. I also love to use strong colors because they make me happy and always fill me with energy. I love to discover and imagine the stories behind objects - I love to observe things and wait for the moment when they really come to life and start to tell me something about themselves. I help them tell stories about themselves and through this I can tell stories about myself.

There are always different ideas in my mind, themes and emotions which come from my life. They can emerge suddenly, when I see something interesting or strange, but I have ideas which are born slowly, simmer for a long time and get their final form months later. I don’t start to draw until I have a full-blown idea as I like to see the subject clearly. At the same time, I like to experiment with colors: it's a long process until the work gets its final colors, all of the tones and vibrations.The technique I use is that I try to mix traditional painting techniques with computer graphics.



I enjoy travelling because I love to see and get to know new things and interesting people. I also love long journeys because they give me time to think. I don’t like feelings like dissappointment, sadness, pain or fear, but they can inspire me in many ways, in many cases, these experiences can give special depth to a piece.



I like to draw in the traditional way, putting down my ideas on paper. I like traditional tools and materials like paper, pencil, ink or paint. I enjoy choosing between different kinds of paper with different thickness and texture, I enjoy comparing the various tones of white paper. I just love clean paper, love to imagine what will be created on the paper, and to draw the first line. Also, blank paper or a blank canvas inspires me. There is always the possibility in the blank, empty surface for something to be expressed that has never been expressed before.